Sami Said

Sami Said, author Eritrea/Sweden

Said was born in Keren, Eritrea. His family fled the war and when he was ten him and his family settled in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Saids debut book Väldigt sällan fin was released in 2012, it´s a novel about identity, rootlessness and belonging. The protagonist has many similarities to Said, he´s a young student who feels lost in the Swedish culture and his own cultural heritage. The year after Monomani was published, it´s “the book behind the book”, a novel of letters where he describes the birth of the debut novel.

Sami Said is now back with the book Människan är den vackraste staden, a novel filled with life and humour, a story of our time. It´s lead person, San Fransisco, moves restlessly in the outskirts of a nameless community with shut borders. The book is in three parts and portrays peoples lives and relationships.

In 2019 he also wrote the children´s book Äta gräs. It´s about Imani Lilian Mau, she´s a girl who can do almost anything: climb the highest trees, count until one hundred and one, get water from the other side of the mountain. We get to follow her trough days of drought and days of rain and days of hunger. Next to Imani lives the neighbour Osman Zula who sells specially made nets to catch the clouds with and sun magnets with a guaranteed effect. One day he accuses Imani of theft, he shouldn´t have done that!

Photo: Annika af Klercker