Paul Borenberg

Paul Borenberg Phd student, Sweden

Paul Borenberg is a doctoral student at the Gothenburg university historical institution. He researches on people’s everyday life in the early modern period. His research interests focus on urban culture, work, drinking customs and the history of sexuality with a focus on the early 17th century. What kind of labour did men and women do? Where could people meet their friends in their spare time and how did you find a fiancé?

His dissertation is about the everyday life of male and female servants in Stockholm in the early 1600s. In the patriarchal 1600s, the servants were young people who lived unmarried in a master’s household. By examining their duties, their leisure time and their sexual relationships, he tries to create a picture of what it meant to be a young servant in the 17th century. In extension, he´s studying the patriarchal social order of the 17th century and how it functioned from below, from the perspective of the servants.