Niklas Törnlund

Niklas Törnlund poet- moderator, Sweden

Born in 1950 in Stockholm, now lives in Lund. Poet, musician and teacher at Lunds University. His career started with translations of american poetry; his debut came in 1977 with Mellan istiderna. Törnlund is described as one of our foremost natur lyricists but his poetry has a richly composed gruop of themes. His latest work is the poetry collection Allt beror på vingar. Dikter ur fågelskådarens år.

Niklas is also a singer/songwriter and has written librettos for an opera with music by Britta Nyström, and lyrics for several woroks for solist, choirs and orchestras. As a host for Malmö Symphony orchestra as used many poems on the theam of classical music. Together with Rolf Beckman he makes the podcast Lyran about poetry and music. At Grand hotel in Lund he holds the authorscene of Litteraturbaren. For his authorship he´s been revarded with several prizes from Svenska akademien and Lunds kommun. At Book and sea he is a recurring moderator and part of the referens group.