Niclas Sennerteg

Niclas Sennerteg author, Sweden

Niklas Sennerteg is an author and journalist, working for Borås newspaper. He´s also been working for the Swedish state radio for many years and he´s written several books.

In 2017 he and Tobias Berglund wrote the book Finska inbördeskriget. In Januari of 1918, just a few weeks after their independence Finland was thrown into a ruthless civil war between “the red” and “the white”. With 40 000 dead in just a few months as a consequence of battles, murder, starvation and sicknesses it became the bloodiest conflict of the north, only outdone by the second world war.

It´s been a hundred years since this tragedy. In Finland a trauma was created, tangible to this day. At the same time, it´s almost forgotten in Sweden, even though hundreds of swedes volunteered and went across the sea to fight, and despite the fact that big parts of that times debates revolved around this war- a war that almost caused a Swedish government to fall.