Mattias Holmquist

Matthias Holmquist Blekinge Archipelago, Sweden

For almost ten years Holmquist has been teaching in philosophy in high school, he´s been the project manager of fishing tourism in Skåne, worked as a guide and is now the coordinator of the Biosphere reserve of Blekinge archipelago. The biosphere reserves are appointed by UNESCO and their aim is to work for the preservation of nature- and cultural worth and in different projects working for a sustainable development.

In 2018 Holmberg gave out the book Laxlycka: om passionen för laxflugfiske – en filosofisk undersökning. The book’s starting point is the author´s and others experience of the fisher’s thoughts and speculations with the help of classical philosophy: why does the salmon bite the fly and how do we know? What binds us so passionately to fly-fishing and many other questions.