Marit Kapla

Marit Kapla author/journalist, Sweden

The journalist Marit Kapla was born in the village of Osebol but now lives in Gothenburg. She´s been the artistic leader of Gothenburg film festival and is today one of two editors of the magazine Ord & Bild.

In April 2019 Kapla gave out the book Osebol. In this book she´s interviewed almost every one of the 40 adult people living in the village of Osebol today. The stories of their lives gives a multifaceted picture of the life in a Värmländian village, in history, today and in thoughts of the future. Peoples sorrow, happiness, worrying and humour gives a detailed, personal and living picture of Swedish- and global history.

Osebol is a village in the Swedish province Värmland. When the machines took over the forestry people lost their jobs. Today there is no local grocery shop, the ski slope is overgrown and the bridge over the river is closed for traffic. At the same time people move here, from close and from afar and a new generation grows in to adulthood.

Photo: Trinidad Carrillo