Katarina Mazetti

Katarina Mazetti author, Sweden

Mazetti is not only the one who came up with the idea of the Book and Sea festival, she´s also an author, folk musician and a columnist, born in Stockholm, raised in Karlskrona. Mazetti writes many different genres both for children, teens and adults and she´s well known for her humorous and quick-witted style. The book Det är slut mellan Gud och mig from 1995 has been translated to several different languages and many readers, both adult and teenagers. Here she tells the story of the teenager Linnea who´s grieving for her best friend Pia. The book was nominated for Augustpriset.

Mazetti herself describes her literary journey like this: “I want to write in at least ten different genres and so far I´ve written in seven, novels, short stories, children books, detective novels, textbooks and for the movies. What´s left is among others science fiction, poetry and opera, all of them on their way.

Photo: Thron Ullberg