Julie Lindahl

Julie Lindahl author, Brazil/Sweden

Julie Lindahl is a writer, educator and activist from Sweden. For six years she travelled Europe and South America searching for the legacy of her grandparents and the consequences for herself and her family. In the book Pendeln the reader gets to join her in dramatic travels through human history, through her grandmother Oma, who loves literature and music but can´t abjure her old ideology, Lindahl explores the thin line between barbarism and civilization.

During spring of 2010 Julie Lindahl visited the German federal archives in Berlin. The past had left wounds in her family and poisoned relationships for too long. Lindahl was prepared for the worst and her misgivings came true when she learned that her grandparents had been part of SS during the occupation of Poland in World War II and that they fled to Latin America right before the trial of Adolf Eichmann. This discovery took her on a six-year long journey through Germany, Poland, Paraguay and Brazil. It changed her world and the way she looks at the central characters in it, including herself.

Photo: Kajsa Göransson

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