Johan Hammar

Johan Hammar photographer, Sweden

For two years the sweet water- specialist, photographer and filmmaker Johan Hammar has documented sweet water environments in Sweden, from north to south, glaciers, streams, lakes and wetlands. He´s been taking photographs and filmed species and environments both under and over the water surface. But he has also described the threats against our waters along with the work restoring and recreating them.

Apart from photographing Hammar has also recorded sounds and filmed in 360 VR. For the first time in Sweden we are able to dive below the surface of the water and experience the life there without getting wet.

Through the multimedia project SÖTVATTEN Hammar wants to tell us about our sweet waters and their incredible diversity in an exciting, living and a little bit new way.

The goal is to increase the understanding and knowledge of how crucial it is for our survival with clean, untouched and healthy waters. For humans and animals.