Jens Liljestrand

Jens Liljestrand journalist/author, Sweden

Jens Liljestrand is a Swedish literary scholar and author. Since 2013 he´s the assistant director for the cultural section of the newspaper Expressen.

Liljestrand grew up in Mozambique, Uppsala and Karlskrona. He´s literary debut was a documentary book Made in Pride. In 2004 his second book was launched, Vi äro svenska scouter vi, a portrait of the middle class children in Sweden and the different ambitions who fosters them. His fictional debut was the book of short stories, Paris-Dakar who came in 2008 it was followed in 2011 by Adonis, a story built around the members of a band in Lund.

In December of 2009 Liljestrand earned his doctorate at the University of Lund with his dissertation Mobergland – personligt och politiskt i Vilhelm Mobergs utvandrarserie.

In 2018 Liljestrand launched his book, Mannen I skogen: en biografi över Vilhelm Moberg. He is one of Sweden’s experts in Vilhelm Moberg and his life.

Photo: Fredrik Hjerling