Henrik Hamrén

Henric Hamrén, journalist, Sweden

Hamrén reformulates research and knowledge, in texts and pictures, so that more people can- and wants to- understand what needs to be done to make the Baltic Sea a healthier sea. The hub in Hamrén´s work is the web magazine Baltic eye. That´s where important research about the Baltic Sea is lifted, explained and deepened so that decision makers and counsellors for the community have the opportunity to understand and use it. All this is done with the hope to overcome the bridge between science and politics. This is necessary for giving coming generations the possibility to enjoy a healthy and clean ocean.

The Baltic Sea is not only one of the worlds most polluted seas, it´s also one of the most studied.

Hamrén´s been working as a journalist for two decades, in newspapers, television, freelancing and as chief editor. Most things he told then happened on land and was about people. That hasn´t changed- though he now almost only tells about the ocean.