Fredrik Sjöberg

Fredrik Sjöberg biologist/author, Sweden

Fredrik Sjöberg grew up in Västervik but since many years he now lives in Runmarö in the archipelago of Stockholm. His road to authorship went through studies in biology in Lund and trips around the world. He also tried to be a photographer like his father, but it turns out writing works better for him.

His first book in 1988 was about the eco-movement and after that he wrote several titles in popular science before his breakthrough Flugfällan, a book similar to no other.

In September of 2018 the book Mamma är galen och papa är full was released. A missing painting turns up after almost a hundred years. It depicts two depressed fifteen-year olds at the French Riviera, the cousins Hanna Gottowt and Lillian Arosenius, both born in 1906. When Sjöberg sees the painting he instinctively knows there´s a story behind it.

The girl’s mother where the sisters Lisa and Eva of the filthy rich family Adler in Gothenborgh. They were strong women with an eye for eccentric, genius and pestiferous men.

Eva first married Ivar Arosenius and then Anton Dich, a Danish painter no one remembers. The men died young, but the women all became very old. The story grows into a family history about love, chance and oblivion.

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter