Filip Springer

Filip Springer author, reporter, Poland

Filip Springer (born 1982) is a self-taught journalist who has been working as a reporter and photographer since 2006.  His journalistic debut—History of a Disappearance: The Forgotten Story of a Polish Town—was shortlisted for the Ryszard Kapuściński Literary Reportage Prize in 2011 and was nominated for the Gdynia Literary Prize in 2012. He was also shortlisted for the Nike Literary Prize in 2012 and winner of the third annual Ryszard Kapuściński fellows contest for young journalists. Filip Springer is a photojournalist and reportage writer, based in Warsaw, Poland. An expert on things architectural and a collector of visual absurdities, Filip Springer is a reporter skilled in conveying the gist of the Polish landscape, writing of the city that never was, buildings that have long stood in spite of the general public’s disdain.

He has published three collections of reportage on socialist-era architecture. His burgeoning interest in issues of public space led to the project Miało być ładnie / It Was Supposed to Be Beautiful, documenting the results of failed attempts to beautify certain areas. Springer currently works with the Reportage Institute in Warsaw.

His upcoming book about Jantes law is built partly on his own travels in Norway and Denmark and partly on the life of the danishborn Alexander Sandemoses life.