Eva- Marie Liffner

Eva-Marie Liffner author, Sweden

Eva-Marie Liffner is a Swedish award-winning author and journalist. She´s focused her writing on historical enigmas.

Her debut came in 2001 with the novel Camera, a novel that was awarded with several prizes.

In 2019 Liffner came out with a new novel, Vem kan segla, about the shipbuilder Fredric Henric af Chapman.

Fred Chapman was a cunning man, born in Gothenburg in 1721, one of the great men of his time and one of those who benefited from the wars at the time. He was that time´s great shipbuilder, a modern scientist and innovator but with enough of old knowledge on following the sea and the waves and not to steer too much, that could be dangerous.

Liffner tries to find the person Fred Chapman, before he became “af” and froze as marble bust. The result is a sort of fairy tale of a young and very old man, with coats to turn, ladies and gentlemen to serve, probably with a keen eye for his own advancement during. The new city of Karlskrona, first not much more than a harbour, grows in the backgroundof the new lords into a great city, carefully planned for power and war.

Photo: Daniel Pedersen