Emma Klingenberg

Emma Klingenberg singer, Sweden

Klingenberg is a Finland Swedish actress and singer who whas always passionate about telling stories. And telling them trough music is her biggest passion!

She was born and raised in Jakobstad, Finland. We´ve seen her in plays, conserts, movies, tv-shows and musicals both in Sweden and Finland. Latest as Edith Piaf at Åbo Swedish theatre. Here she´s been seen in many different roles trough the years.

At the same theatre she´s done several memorable shows through the years, she´s played the part of Lilla my in “Kungen i mumindalen” and Maria in “The sound of music”.

Emma also has much experience of conserts and has made solo performances with many famous orchestras. She´s also been avvarded with several prizes.

Photo: Anders Lönnfeldt