Emma Karinsdotter

Emma Karinsdotter author, Sweden

Emma Karinsdotter was born in 1985 in Ronneby among stuffed pikes, rescued birds and finds from flee markets.

“When I started school I was suddenly expected to become a girl, until then I had been a child. At home I felt special, in school I only felt weird. I think that many kids feel that way, that in the meeting with the school what is ordinary suddenly becomes strange. When I was younger I fled. When I became older I tried to become someone I´m not. Books became my sanctuary.”

Karinsdotter lives in Malmö. For great parts of her working life she´s worked in music, as a project leader, as an organizer for concerts and tour leader. In 2017 her acclaimed children’s book Lisbet och sambakungen was released.

In April of 2019 her second children’s book, Tusen stjärnors ö is released. In this book we get to see the world trough eleven-year-old Tigris eyes. We get to see not only grief up close but also find ways through it- with the help of imagination and a bit of magic. Tusen stjärnors ö is an adventure that hits you right in the heart.

Photo: Julia Lindemalm