Eivor Martinus

Eivor Martinus author, Sweden

Martinus was born in Sweden but has lived in England since the 1960´s. Her debut as an author was made in 1971 but she has spent most of her time in the theatre and BBC radio. In her book Igår sjöng näktergalen- en sann berättelse om kärlek och Alzheimer Martinus writes about her husband who suffered from Alzheimer, how life can suddenly change and how she had to deal with life as her husband got more ill.

In her latest novel Hon sjöng på vinden from 2019 the tale of two families is told, one from Dalarna and one from Gothenburg. These two make up the foundation and contrast of the person who´s telling the story. It´s a family history but becomes an example of Swedish history over the last century, a story of life and death, love and sorrow, poverty and endurance, unexpected inheritances, emigration and above all: female strength.

Together with her husband, Derek Martinus, Eivar has produced several shows on stage in London but also in Sweden. Martinus has published several books in Swedish but also translated several of Strindbergs plays into English. Many of her plays have been seen in England, USA, Ireland and Sweden.

Photo: Patric Söderström