Anders Wijkman

Anders Wijkman former politichian, Sverige

Anders Wijkman, Stockholm is a Swedish author and debater and former politician. Wijkman is highly engaged in the work of changing the financial framework, all with the purpose of lowering the great and increasing tensions between a rapidly growing global economy and population and nature. A growth that destroys forests, cultivated land, fresh water and more, or who contributes to an instable climate is, according to Wijkman a highly negative growth. Instead we could speak about a growth that is “wasteful”, in other words the profit is less than the damage done. Growth that only makes the rich richer is invidious.

These issues and much more he and Johan Rockström writes about in the book Den stora förnekelsen (The great denial). The book is an overhaul of the most serious threats against the planet, climate changes, over usage of the planets eco systems and impoverishment of resources.