Aase Berg

Aase Berg writer, Sweden

Aase Berg was born in 1967 in Stockholm, her first book of poetry Hos rådjur, came out in 1997. It was followed by a trilogy on motherhood where the prize-winning poetry collection Forlsa fett was a part. Aase Berg was born and raised outside of Tensta in Stockholm. With a Norwegian father she has spent many childhood summers by the coast of Trondheim in Norway.

Her poetry is wild, peculiar, full of words and playfulness but also solemn and sharp. There is a deep irony, realism and fantasy in her poetry where she doesn´t shy away from the dark and sometimes obscene.

In her latest novel, Haggan from 2019 Berg writes a warcry for female freedom, for the ones who are fed up with subordination in love. The novel urges all women to refuse to please and dare to be ugly and difficult. Haggan is a description of a marriage and a love triangle.

Photo: Sara Mac Key